From the Amazon ad page – a reader review which gives the book 5 stars – highest possible score!

By Avid sci fi bookreader on November 1, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition

Incredible story, combining Holocaust romance as the need for life to go on despite the horrors of the Germans. As a semi-unique benefit, adds the concept of post-Holocaust revenge/justice to the romance.Book is great but overpriced not as related to outstanding quality but relative to other author’s works. Suggest the author embrace the value of book to sell more copies by reducing pricing to better compete with other Holocaust books.

Appeared in the recent “Review of Jewish Librarians”:
Two Polish Holocaust survivors, Yanosh and Eva, childhood sweethearts, marry and start a new life, aiming
to journey to Australia. The story tells of their trials and difficulties in escaping the killings and aftermath of the
war and presents a picture of Jews rebuilding their lives.
The author, who grew up in Australia, is a child of Holocaust survivors. He is a rabbi and educator in the
Masorti movement, who now lives in Jerusalem. His novel is an interesting read, suitable for fiction collections
in Temple and synagogue and Jewish community center and public libraries.
Susan Freiband, Retired Library Educator, Arlington, VA

“Based both on a reading of history and on family experience,  this novel presents in compelling form the lives of people who suffer through the Holocaust and then find a way to keep going in the face of national and personal tragedy.”

 Dr. Yisrael Cohen, co-editor (1990-2007) of “Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe” of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

” The title of Far Away from Where conveys many messages.  Eva is worried that Australia is too “far away,” but Yanosh asks: What are you reluctant to be far away from, after all we have gone through?  We, Grenimann’s readers, are far away in time and geography from the Holocaust.  While we mustn’t forget what we are now far away from, we must acknowledge that we are, in fact, far away.  Our actions, today and tomorrow, must be based on that recognition. “

Jeffery M. Green, Author and translator, Jerusalem, Israel – a quote from the book review “Much More than a Historical Novel” –Press here for the full review

“I Found it easy to read, thought it flowed really well, found Yanosh, Eva, Bora, Marek, Pawla, all really vibrant characters- Moniek too. The descriptions are great!”

 Tommi (Irene) Kalinski, Playwrite, Yiddish activist and educator, Melbourne, Australia

“From America, I was able to order the book as soon as it was released and enjoyed your book greatly. The characters are well developed and vivid as are the descriptions of their world. The story draws the reader in.”

 Maud Fried- Goodnight, Executive Director, Center for Academis and Student Success at Cumberland County College, PA, USA

“…and the sequel??!! It was a great read and an insight into reality of the day to day that was ‘life’ for survivors”

Steve Shilkin, Australia